How can the Library help you?

The Library isn’t just somewhere you can get books. It’s somewhere you can do your work on your own or with others, escape sensory overload and get some help with studying. This section of the toolkit will introduce our library and the services it can offer you.



We have specialist library staff who understand autism and want to help you make the most out of your time at uni. They can help you with finding, choosing and using library resources, amongst many other things.

We have specialist library staff who are always ready to help you with any queries you may have. There are lots of resources available in the library and online. When you start college and at other times throughout the year the library will offer advice on how you can use all the resources that are there to help you complete your class work or projects.

As part of the Educational Needs Assessment with the Disability Officer, library supports may be recommended to help you during your time in college. The supports available could include:

  • Extended library loans
  • Access to electronic books
  • Access to electronic readers
  • Adapted furniture

The Library Help Centre is also available for all students at NCI. You can contact them for help with navigating the library’s resources, writing academic papers, understanding lecturer feedback and finding ways to improve your grades.

How could this affect me?

Many students in the Autism&Uni surveys mentioned the library as somewhere they really enjoyed being, whether they needed some quiet space to get away from it all or find some help or just to get some work done.

National College of Ireland’s library is located on the ground floor and is a quiet space to spend time away from the busier areas of campus. Students who can not use the entrance turnstile can access using the central gates. We try to ensure that all aisles are clear and accessible for all library users.

There is ample space for study as it is equipped with computers for student use, and plenty of desks in the main area of the library. There are also a number of desks along the side corridor, for quiet, solo study.

Dedicated group study rooms are also available and must be booked in advance, these are separate rooms located just off the main entrance to the library.

The library staff are also present behind a helpdesk, ready to assist with any queries you might have.

For more information view our library website.


What to do next?

Make an appointment with your academic librarian