NCI’s Autism-Friendly Initiative

National College of Ireland is working towards Autism Friendly Status with Autism advocacy group AsIAm.


National College of Ireland has committed to working with Autism advocacy charity AsIAm to attain status as an autism friendly institution.

We want to celebrate students and staff on the autism spectrum and to provide a learning environment to help all our students realise their potential.

We have committed to 8 key principles of autism inclusion across all areas of college life.

8 Principles of Autism Inclusion

  1. Encourage and enable students with autism to transition into and participate in NCI programmes.
  2. Support and build capacity to equip students with autism to meet the academic challenges of everyday NCI life.
  3. Support and build capacity to equip students with autism to meet the social challenges of NCI life.
  4. Seek to establish an autism friendly operational environment.
  5. Seek to combat the stigma around autism and recognise the diverse experiences of those with the condition.
  6. Develop understanding and relevant knowledge and skills within the NCI community (staff and service providers).
  7. Establish channels so that students with autism can have a voice in various aspects of NCI life.
  8. Seek to increase future employability of students with autism.

You can learn more and have your voice heard. See our Autism Friendly project