Careers and Employability with Specialisterne

National College of Ireland has teamed up with Specialisterne to work with our Careers Team on finding employment after college for our autistic students.


NCI is particularly proud of the employability record of its graduates. The NCI Careers and Employability team, work with students to prepare them for the world of work and to engage with employers to create opportunities for NCI students.

NCI is delighted to partner with Specialisterne Ireland, which is a is a not-for-profit recruitment consultancy funded by Ability that promotes employment for people on the autism spectrum and similar challenges. NCI is working with Specialisterne Ireland as part of the NCI Autism Friendly Initiative.

By working with Specialisterne NCI aims to help students reach their potential while at college. The services will assist you with preparing your CV, interview techniques, and lots of other practical advice that will help to help you progress into a job and career. It will also help build your confidence.

There is more information available through Specialisterne Ireland.

You can also find out more about the services offered by the NCI Careers and Employability team